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Monday, July 23, 2007

Appel Farm Arts Camp First Session 2007

Children dance below;
Bird sings happily on wire--
Two celebrations.

Glowing orange streaks
Slash early evening sky.
What ends? What begins?

Small bird on high wire
Head turned to look behind it
Waits and flies away.

Green leaves are sparkling
With a trillion bright sunbeams;
Everything is still.

She has on a hat;
Trying on a new person.
Which one will it be?

She's on everyone,
Climbing, flirting, cuddling,
Now an endless thirst.

With shades on she turns
Showing how sexy she is;
Her pants keep slipping.

They slap each other--
Two eleven year old friends:
Spank, spank and be spanked.

Band shell is lit now;
Evening is just upon us;
Notes dance in the dark.

Now a violin;
Then a melange of brass
Swooping to a close.

Tory before flute
Flies singing in front of bird--
Yes, "bye, bye blackbird".

Five young girls singing
Illuminate the stage:
Ageless choir of youth.

Like ducks to water
Young girls flock to the stage;
Dance to the rock band.

Camcorder father
Hunches around the rock stage
Sighting his daughter.

Woman holds small boy,
Shakes him to the rock music--
A joyous rag doll.

How swift the clouds move
Shading us with dark and light;
Change is in the wind.

Leaves shake on tall trees
Quivering above the rock stage.
Are they listening?